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Baby Boy Names That Mean “THE SUN”

Hundruds of baby boy names that related to the word "sun, light or ray", from around the world.

ADDAE (African) = morning sun
ADITYA (Hindu) = sun
AELIANUS (Latin; Roman) = sun
AFTAB (Arabic) = the sun
AFTAN (Hindu) = the sun
AKENO (Japanese) = beautiful sunrise
ALAND; Alander (English) = bright as the sun
ALOK (Hindu) = light
AMSHUMAN (Hindu) = the sun
ANATOLE (French) = sunrise
ANATOLI; Anatolius (Latin) = sunrise
ANATOLY (Russian) = sunrise
ANDREIS (English) = rising of the sun
ANTIMAN (Native American) = condor of the sun
ANWAAR (Arabic) = multiple lights
APOLINAR (Spanish) = sun God
APOLINARIO (Portuguese) = sun God
APOLLINAIRE (French) = sun God
APOLLOS (English) = strength, sun God
APOLO; Apolonio; Aponino (Portuguese) = sun God
APPOLINARIS; Apollo (Greek) = sun God
ARKA (Hindu) = the sun
ARPIAR (Armenian) = sunny
ARUN (Cambodian) = sun
ASFA (Arabic) = tanned sun burned
ASITA (African) = god; the sun
ATEN (Egyptian) = sun disk
ATID (Thai) = sun
ATITH (Cambodian) = sunday
ATMAJYOTI (Hindu) = light of atma
AURORIAN (English) = sunrise
AVNER (Hebrew) = father of light
AYDIN (Turkish) = enlightened

Starting with letter B and C

For baby girl names, you might need to check out here.

BALARK (Hindu) = rising sun
BALDER (Scandinavian; Swedish) = god of light
BARQI (Arabic) = electric light
BHANUPRAKASH (Hindu) = sun shine
BHASKER (Hindu) = the sun
BOGOSVET (English) = light of God
BUBU (Egyptian) = gives light
CHIENG (African) = sun
CHIRAG (Hindu) = lamp, light, guide
CHITRARATH (Hindu) = the sun
CIRINO (Spanish; Italian) = like the sun
CIRO (Italian; Hispanic; Spanish) = the sun
CRETE (Latin) = full of light
CY (English) = like the sun
CYRUS (Greek; Persian) = sun

Starting with letter D and E

DAGOBERT (German) = shining sun
DAMURAH (Arabic) = sparkle of light fire
DAY (English) = light, hope
DEEPTHAMSHU (Hindu) = ray of light
DHIYA (Arabic) = light splendour
DIMAS (Portuguese; Spanish) = sunset
DINESH (Hindu) = the sun
DIYA (Hindu) = lamp (light)
DIYA (Arabic) = shining means brightness
DOMINIC (Latin) = sunday child, honest
DRITON (Albanian) = light
DYUMANI (Hindu) = the sun
EBBY (English) = father of [or is] light
EBNER (German) = father of [or is] light
EGUZKI (Basque) = sunshine
ELIANUS (Latin) = sun
ELIODORO (Italian) = gift of the sun
ELIOR (Hebrew) = my god is light
EPIFANIO (Greek) = one who gives light
EVANGELOS (Greek) = light

Starting with letter F and G

FAI (Chinese) = brilliant light
FAJR (Arabic) = dawn rise start daybreak morning prayer
FOTIOS; Fotis (Greek) = light
FRIWHOP (Hebrew) = end of a down fall, and beginnig of a new light
FULBRIGHT (English) = very light
GENGHIS (Chinese) = light
GOIZ (Basque) = sunrise
GUANG (Chinese; Slavic) = light
GURUDEEP (Hindu) = light of guru

Starting with letter H and I

HAUL (Welsh) = sun
HELAKU (Native American) = sunny day
HELIODORO (Spanish; Portuguese) = gift of the sun
HELIODOROS (Greek) = sun
HELIODORUS (Latin) = gift of the sun
HELIOS (Greek) = sun
HIMAGHNA (Hindu) = the sun who melts snow
HORUS (Egyptian) = god of light
ILO (African) = light, joyous, sunshine
ILUMINADA (Spanish) = light; bringer of light
ISHAN (Sanskrit) = sun
IYAR; Iyari (Assyrian) = light
JAIR (Biblical) = my light, who diffuses light

Starting with letter J, K and L

Common 5 Letter Baby Girl Names in The United States

JAMSHID (Persian) = sun;s rays, lights
JIVANA (Hindu) = one of the names of the sun God
JOMEI (Japanese) = spread light
JYOT (Hindu) = light
KHADYOTHAN (Hindu) = the sun
KHODADAD (Persian) = sun
KHORVASH (Persian) = like the sun
KHUR (Persian) = sun
KHURSHEED (Arabic) = the sun
KHURSHID; Kiera (Persian) = sun
KIKARU (Japanese) = light
KIRAN (Hindu) = sun rays
KOROUSH; Kurush (Persian) = like the sun
LIOR (Hebrew) = light
LIUZ (Polish) = light
LLEWELLYN (Celtic) = lion-like, lightning, warm-hearted
LUCE; Lucian (Latin) = man of light
LUCIANO (Italian) = light
LUCIANUS (Roman; Latin) = light
LUCIEN (French) = light
LUCIFER (Latin) = light
LUCIO (Italian; Spanish; Portuguese) = light
LUCIUS (Latin; Roman) = bringer of light
LUCJAN; Lucjusz (Polish) = light
LUCUS; Lukas; Luke (Latin) = light
LUKEN (Basque) = light
LUKYAN (Russian) = bringer of light

Starting with letter M and N

MAREECHIN (Hindu) = the sun
MAYER (German) = farmer; greater; bringer of light
MEALLAN (Irish) = little lightning
MEHRDAD (Persian; Iranian) = gift of the sun
MEYER (Hebrew) = giving light
MIHIR (Hindu) = sun
MISBAAH; Misbah (Arabic) = lamp light
MITSU (Japanese) = light
MOSWEN (African) = light in color
MUNAWWAR (Arabic) = illuminated enlightened
NABHOMANI (Hindu) = the sun
NAHIR; Nahor; Nahur; Nehor; Nehoral (Aramaic) = light
NESAR (Hindu) = the sun
NISHANT (Hindu) = sunrise
NOUR (Arabic) = light
NURU (Swahili; Egyptian) = light

Starting with letter O, P, Q, and R

OCHIENG (African) = born when the sun shines
ONEAL (Hungarian) = torch light
ORI (Hebrew) = my light
ORLO; Orly (Hebrew) = light
PHANUMAS (Thai) = sun
PHASSAKORN (Thai) = sun
PHOTIOS; Photos (Greek) = light
PRADEEP (Hindu) = light
PRAKASA (Sanskrit; Hindu) = light
QIQIANG (Chinese) = enlightenment and strength
RA (Egyptian) = sun
RAMSES (African) = sun born
RAUSHAN (Arabic) = skylight bright
RAVANT (Hindu) = son of sun
RAVI (Hindu) = sun
RAVIKIRAN (Hindu) = ray of the sun
RE (Egyptian) = sun
REZART (Albanian) = golden ray
RHAEL (English) = sun God
ROSHAN (Persian; Sanskrit) = bright, light
ROSHAUN (African) = shining light

Starting with letter S

SAMPAA (Finnish) = sun
SAMSON (Hebrew) = sunlight
SANSONE (Italian) = sun
SATISH (Hindu) = sunray
SATORU (Japanese) = enlightened
SAVITR (Hindu) = sunray
SHACHAR; Shahar (Hebrew) = sunrise
SHAMS (Arabic) = the sun; a planet
SHAMSUDDEEN (Arabic) = sun of the faith
SHARIQ (Arabic) = sun luminous
SHEMS (Arabic) = the sun a planet
SHEMSUDDIN (Arabic) = sun of the faith
SHERAGA (Aramaic) = candle, light
SHIMSHON (Hebrew) = sun
SHRAGA (Hebrew) = candle, light
SIRAAJ; Siraj (Arabic) = lamp light
SOL (Latin) = the sun
SOLEY (Latin) = sun
SOLIN (English) = sun
SORIN (Roman) = sun
STASH (American) = sun’s rays
SULLIVAN (English) = cheerful, sunny
SURAJ (Hindu) = the sun
SURYA (Hindu; Indonesian) = sun
SVET (Slavic) = light

Starting with letter T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z

TAIYANG (African) = sun
TAMAGHNA (Hindu) = who dispels darkness sun
TANVIR (Hindu) = enlightened
TARRIANNAH (Irish) = light of my life
TEJAS (Hindu) = glow, glare, splendor, brilliance, light
THINNAKORN (Thai) = sun
TURIE (English) = god is my light
UDAYASURYA (Hindu) = rising sun
URI (Hebrew) = my light (urie)
URIAH (English; Hebrew) = god is my light
URIAN (Greek) = light from heaven
URIAS (Greek) = god is my light
URIE (English) = my lightis God
URIEL; Uriel (Hebrew) = my lightis God
URIYAH (Hebrew) = my light is Yahweh
URJASZ (Polish) = god is my light
VALERIE (Spanish) = love, beautiful, smile, light, happiness
WEAYAYA (American) = setting sun
WEHINAHPAY (American) = rising sun
YE (Chinese; Slavic) = light
YIRIAH (English) = my lightis God
ZERACH (Hebrew) = light
ZOHAR (Hindu) = light, brilliance
ZORAN (Croatian) = sunrise
ZUKA (Arabic) = sun dawn morning.

  1. Shanti
    15 Agustus 2014 pukul 07:30

    Thank you, plenty of names to be choosen.

  2. chasing the sun
    24 Juli 2014 pukul 20:16

    Hilary Duff‘s comeback song “Chasing The Sun,” is sounding like a breezy, summery jangle-pop number.

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    excellent webpage.

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    Woah! I’m really loving these list of names meaning the sun…

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  7. sunflower
    10 Juli 2012 pukul 23:00

    I love a sun name for my daughter especially sunflower.

    If you look at sunflower, you saw a brightly colored flowers are upright and facing the sun .. many people say that the meaning of the sunflower is a joy, harmony and faithfulness .. But, it turns out there are hidden meanings behind it all … Sunflower is a strapping suggests a rigidity, exceptional toughness. Sunflower can live alone without a lot of care.

    Of any significance I conclude that sunflower suggests a meaning of an expectation of loyalty unrequited love, tough wait in solitude, trying to cheer the solitude, trying to brave the painful feeling of love, big hearts with hope that hangs, and it turns out that sunflower brittle.

  8. dreaming sun mean
    10 Juli 2012 pukul 22:52

    Dreamed that you saw the sun rise. That is meant that you will obtain happiness and pride beyond measure and cheap fortune.

  9. dreaming sun mean
    10 Juli 2012 pukul 22:51

    If you were dreaming seeing twin suns, it mean there will be two rulers in the country that face each other and there will be enmity between them.

  10. Aditya boy
    10 Juli 2012 pukul 22:42

    ADITYA is the name given to a baby boy (male name), which means “god of the sun” in Sanskrit or Hindu culture.

    The nature and character of a man named ADITYA – People with this name tend to have a warm and loving personality. They are reliable and often being the leader of an organization. They really like to try new challenges and create harmony in their environment. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to loss of self control. They are sometimes difficult to say, “No.” They can be very successful as a personal assistant, educator, or caterer to a small business.

  11. Olympian
    16 Juni 2012 pukul 12:04

    Don’t you know Apollo is the twin brother of Artemis? He is the Greek god of healing, the arts, light, youth, and the intellect. He is one of the most perfect Olympian gods

    Apollo is the son of the biggest God of the 12 Gods of mount Olympus, named ZEUS.

    Appollo is the God of beauty means a very handsome man in Greek Mythology. He is hot and ripped.

    Apollo is also meant strength, father lion, father light and “to destroy”

  12. sunnnnshineeeee
    2 Maret 2011 pukul 19:59

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    3. 5th Dimension – Aquarius/let The Sunshine In
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    7. Amuro Namie – You’re My Sunshine
    8. Aqua – Good Morning Sunshine
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    20. Convulse – The Rite Of Sunshine
    21. Cream – Sunshine of Your Love
    22. Dada – May Sunshine Rain
    23. Dead Milkmen – Beige Sunshine
    24. Devotion – Sunshine
    25. Dolly Parton – Walking on Sunshine
    26. Earth Wind & Fire – Sunshine
    27. Emma Bunton – Sunshine On A Rainy Day
    28. Eric Clapton – Sunshine of Your Love
    29. Everclear – Sunshine
    30. Faith No More – Land of Sunshine
    31. Fifth Dimension – Aquarius – Let The Sunshine In
    32. Five – Sunshine
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    36. Fury in The Slaughterhouse – Dancing in The Sunshine of The Dark
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    52. Joni Mitchell – Come to The Sunshine
    53. Katrina And The Waves – Walking On Sunshine
    54. Kelly Price – You Brought The Sunshine
    55. Kid Frost – No Sunshine
    56. Kings X – Sunshine Rain
    57. Korn – Sunshine
    58. Laid Back – Sunshine Reggae
    59. Led Zeppelin – Sunshine Woman
    60. Len – Steal My Sunshine
    61. Len – Steel My Sunshine
    62. Lit – A Ray Of Sunshine
    63. Liz Phair – Johnny Sunshine
    64. Lost In Reality – You Are My Sunshine
    65. Michael Jackson – Ain’t No Sunshine
    66. Nazareth – Sunshine
    67. Neil Diamond – Captain Sunshine
    68. Orton Beth – I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine
    69. Osibisa – Sunshine Day
    70. Out Of Eden – You Brought The Sunshine
    71. Paul Mccartney – Ain’t No Sunshine
    72. Posies – Flood Of Sunshine
    73. Proclaimers – Sunshine on Leith
    74. Rob Zombie – Black Sunshine
    75. Rockmelons – Ain’t No Sunshine
    76. S Club 7 – Sunshine
    77. Screeching Weasel – Sunshine
    78. Sparklehorse – Sunshine
    79. Spencer Jeremy – Sunshine
    80. Stehlen Meinen Sonnenschein – Steal My Sunshine
    81. Stevie Wonder – You Are The Sunshine of My Life
    82. Stiltskin – Sunshine And Butterflies
    83. Sting & Police – Ain’t No Sunshine
    84. Sunshine Anderson – A Little Sunshine (Intro)
    85. Super Deluxe – Sunshine For Now
    86. Survival Shake – Dancing In The Sunshine Of The Dark
    87. Taylor James – Sunshine Sunshine
    88. The Neville Brothers – Ain`t No Sunshine
    89. The Rattles – You Can’t Have Sunshine Every Day
    90. Therapy’ – You Are My Sunshine
    91. Tonic – Bigot Sunshine
    92. Wham! – A Ray of Sunshine
    93. Wheatus – Sunshine
    94. White Zombie – Black Sunshine
    95. Wonder Stevie – You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
    96. Yonnareo – Sugar And Sunshine

  13. Aditya baby sun
    24 Desember 2010 pukul 15:02

    Name sun is very inspiring to almost parents. They are eager to have great meaning derive from it. One of my best friend choose Aditya as her second baby name.

  14. Top 100 names UK, irish, swedish, usa canada
    24 Desember 2010 pukul 14:52

    Great collection of names meaning.But…

    I won’t give my son named that refer to a gigantic nuclear furnace at a temperature of millions of degrees. I don’t like it!

    You know what? The sun is too damn hot. Nobody can live on the surface without being burned. He might become one where nobody like him.

    The sun is too far away – I don’t like my son gone too far where I can’t see him for everyday!

    The sun is too huge – I don’t want my son to be that big in size. Heart attack remember?

    There are billions of stars (suns) in the galaxies. So, why do I have to choose one. No reason at all.

  1. 12 Desember 2010 pukul 19:37
  2. 21 Oktober 2010 pukul 01:14

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